Installing a Solid State Drive in the Samsung Chronos7 700Z5B-W01

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I installed the Intel 320 Series 120GB Solid Sate Drive in my new Samsung i7 lap top today.  The performance is amazing, and Windows 7 is booting in under 20 seconds on the new drive.  The Intel SSD kit comes with just about everything you will need to do the job including free software that will clone your existing hard drive, including the operating system if needed!

Things you will need:

  • 1 Samsung Chronos7 700Z5B-W01 laptop
  • 1 Intel 320 Series 120GB Solid State Drive
  • 1 set of tiny screwdrivers for working on computers.  (The Intel drive came with a small screwdriver.  However, I found it a little large for working on the Samsung Chronos7 laptop.

Step 1 – Clone Your Existing Hard Drive and Operating System:

  • Download and install the Intel Data Migration Software from  The Intel kit comes with a mini-disk that includes the software.  However, the Samsung laptop disk drive will not accept mini-disks.
  • Attach the dual USB cord and solid state drive to the laptop before running the software.  The software will not work without the solid state drive being attached.
  • Run the software and clone your existing hard drive onto the new Solid State Drive.

Step 2 – Remove The Laptop’s Bottom Cover:

  • Turn the laptop over and remove all the screws from the bottom with your tiny phillips screw driver.
  • I sat all my screws on the table in the same order as they were removed to make sure they all made it back to the right places. (see picture above)
  • Once all of the screws are removed (there are 11 on my laptop), turn the laptop back over.
  • Make sure you remove the SD card cover from the front of the laptop before you begin detaching the bottom cover.
  • Start at the back close to where the monitor attaches to the base, gently detach the bottom of the case from the laptop.
  • This part is tricky.  The plastic clips on the bottom case are very, very fragile.  I used a very small screwdriver to carefully detach the bottom cover every inch or so until the case was fully detached.  I read on the internet that you can use a credit card to slide along the side of the case.  However, I have not tried that method.

Step 3 – Remove The Old Hard Drive And Connect The New Solid State Drive:

  • There are 4 screws that attach the hard drive to the actual laptop.
  • Once these screws have been removed, carefully disconnect the hard drive’s plug / IDE cable from the end of the hard drive.
  • 4 more screws secure the hard drive sleigh to the actual hard drive.
  • The sleigh must be removed from the old hard drive and reattached to the new solid state drive.
  • After the hard drive and sleigh are secured to each other, the new hard drive can then be attached back to the laptop.
  • Once the new hard drive is secured, reattach the plug / IDE cable to the new solid state drive.

Step 4 – Test Your New Hard Drive:

  • At this point, I actually powered up the laptop to make sure that everything was working correctly.
  • Once the new hard drive is connected and secured in it’s place, I powered on the machine to ensure that the machine booted up normally before putting the bottom case back on only to find out something was wrong.
  • If you do find that the laptop will not power up normally, check your hard drive cable connection.
  • If you are still having problems after that, you may have to try reconnecting the old hard drive and running the data migration software a second time.
  • Finally, if you are still having problems, refer to your manufacturer instructions.

Step 5 – Replace The Bottom Cover of your Laptop:

  • IF the laptop is working correctly, begin to reattach the bottom cover by gently applying pressure to the bottom cover at each section until the plastic clips snap gently into place.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL during this process to ensure that no clips are broken.
  • During this process, I also had to gently work with the top of the CD slot to make sure it snapped properly back in place.
  • Once all cover edges appear flush with the keyboard cover, turn the laptop over and re-insert all the the bottom screws and SD slot card cover.
  • Enjoy your super fast laptop!

2 thoughts on “Installing a Solid State Drive in the Samsung Chronos7 700Z5B-W01

  1. Very helpful thanks!!!! i have a same machine and thinking about to replace a faster SSD, but i really can’t find any information here in China, but finally i found your information, very helpful!!!!! Thanks~~~~~

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